6 day light detox

The light 6 day detox

In preparation: Buy  organic chlorella and spirulina supplements, buy organic turmeric powder and try and add half a teaspoon of turmeric into your food every day. Also purchase vitamins B complex (needs to be taken daily for the nervous system)  vitamin C (boosts the immune system) and Vitamin E (powerful antioxidant) or a vitamin antioxidant supplement (Try and get ones without additives)

DAY 1 &2

Eliminate all sugar, check the ingredients of the foods you buy to see what foods and chemicals are in your product. Eliminate fried foods and take aways from your diet on the second day eliminate processed meats like bacon, ham and sausages, these contain nitrosamines but the turmeric flushes these chemicals out of your body.

Add 3 apples and 3 raw carrots plus nuts of your choice every day from this day. If you are already juicing and making smoothies GREAT keep going you are already on your way to incredible health. On the 2nd day try replacing your caffeine content with green tea, it is packed full of antioxidants and contains l-theanine which helps with stress and depression. Drink hot water and lemon every morning.

Try this for breakfast: Add fruit to live yoghurt and sprinkle with flaxseed powder, chia seeds, goji berries and cacoa nibs

DAY 3&4

Eiminate Dairy and meat

Add Start taking 6 chlorella and 6 spirulina today and every day. They are both highly detoxifying and add fresh coriander to your meals. Coriander detoxifies your whole body from metals and toxins. Dandelion leaves, tea or coffee can also be added as dandelion cleanses the liver and kidneys. Organic beetroot juice is also very cleansing.

Simple Green Smoothie for beginners: Add a handful of spinach (high in alpha lipoic acid which cleanses the liver and is high in antioxidants) add spirulina and chlorella (add two tablets of each or half a teaspoon of powder) ginger, turmeric and apple. Now an easy thing to do which I do when I travel is use innocent smoothie to mix ingredients with (invigorate) blend together for an instant green smoothie

Simple berry smoothie: add one punet of blueberries and other berries of your choice add ginger turmeric, apple, spirulina and chlorella in innocent smoothie (pomegranate)

This is your first day of eliminating meat and dairy so you may not know what to eat so here are some ideas:

1.Shitake mushroom curry, just add mushrooms tomatoes and onions to a pan with coconut oil and add curry powder or turmeric and cumin.

  1. Jacket potato with tomato and bean chilli just add oregano and cumin
  2. Stuffed peppers with quinoa and couscous
  3. You can make a mince like substance with chopped mushrooms and cauliflower and have a bolognaise and add basil, olives etc
  4. Pasta with tomatoes herbs and garlic
  5. Vegetable soup


Eliminate bread from your diet

Eat 5 different fruits and five different vegetables

Start the day with hot water and lemon and don’t eat until midday

DAY 5 & 6

This is the same as day 1 & 2 and will introduce your body slowly back to the foods you wish to eat

If your body needs sugar eat honey on whole meal toast every time you feel the craving. You should only feel it a couple of times in the week as your body will adjust quickly, it only takes days to stop sugar cravings, this goes for alcohol too, alcohol is filled with loads of sugar so your body will crave for it if you drink regularly, so have honey on toast or honey and lemon which is extremely good for you and will boost your immune system. Drink lots of water and enjoy new foods J


I Will Rise

I will rise so high you will not recognise me

I will rise up and shine so gloriously

Like a shooting star in the night

My dreams and purpose start to take flight


You thought I was crushed failed and down

But now all you can see is my shining crown

Because I am the queen of my destiny

Now I’m living the best in me


I will rise up to my full potential

Respecting me is my best credential

I have the power within me to rise

And now its time to reach for the skies


Hope for cancer

I take a deep breath before I get out of bed and start my day every morning.  I change my dressing the tumour is getting worse; I watch the blood drop from my breast, clean it and put my dressing on. Then I juice! I’m trying everything I can to beat this. Every day I try and heal, I eat healthy and keep positive; I’ve discovered a way to eliminate the fear and to keep looking forward to a positive future.

Whilst every effort of my being is working on keeping positive, every day I’m reminded of the harsh reality of cancer. I have made friends all over the world over these last two years and some of them I became very close to, a lot of them have passed away. One minute I am chatting with them and everything is fine and then a few weeks later I see a post on Facebook from a family member and my heart sinks and aches as I say goodbye to another friend.

No one can prepare you for this journey especially when you are told you are stage 4 and you can’t be cured. But one great lesson I have learnt through this is that miracles really do happen. I’ve lost friends and I’ve watched young women go through traumatic times but I’ve also seen people celebrate. I have seen people who were told they had 3 or 4 years to live totally recover! I have seen people who have cured themselves without medication. I have seen people change and transform their lives and come out of the other end perfectly healthy and living a brand new life. These people give me hope. Hope is the most powerful emotion on earth next to love.

Hope keeps us going, it keeps us moving forward and it stops us from giving up. So as I sit convalescing on today’s visit to the hospital and the news of radiotherapy starting in the New Year. I take a deep breath and let hope shine out from my heart and say out loud “I can do this”

The Grace of God (part one)

The Grace of God (a healers perception)



The Grace of God is recognising that God is within us all and we are truly loved. I would say that this has been one of the greatest lessons in my life and it takes a long time to truly feel Gods love within you and around you.

Or I could say; The universe is within us and all around us and it holds the energy of love, not only within us but as a higher consciousness, that higher consciousness is part of us and part of everything.

Barbara Brennan author of hands of light and former scientist for NASA has spent 40 or more years researching the human energy-field and life force energy and teaching advanced healing methods. Along her healing journey she committed herself to truth and to be her true self and not fit in to other people’s expectations. She writes in chapter 27 of “Hands of Light” that the more she was aware of being true to herself the more she was aware of her ego will.  She writes this;

I found many levels of myself “wanting” all of us have this. This ego will and wanting comes from the defended self and the will of the inner child or the young teenager. These wills are rather demanding. The ego will needs to grow up. Deep inside of us there exists a spark of Divine will, God’s will. I have found that a spark of divine will exists within every human being. It is essential that you allow yourself time to search for it inside yourself until you find it. It is there, you are not the exception. What does it mean to discover Gods Will anyway? I decided to find out. I realized that I needed to align to all the little wills inside with the spark of divine will. I decided the best way to do this was to develop a positive use of my will by committing to a daily practice.”

This was the daily practice;

“I commit myself to the will of God

I give my heart and soul to God

I deserve the best in life

I serve the best cause in life”

With the practices of truth, divine will, love and faith we make room for the action of grace to come into our life. Grace is letting go to divine wisdom” Barbara Brennan

The State of Grace needs the recipient in order to be complete. You are held in the hand of God and totally loved and when that love can be received the circuit is complete” – Emmanuel

I remember in 1999 in a meditation  I saw God holding me in his hands, the next day I picked up the book “Hands of Light” and just opened the page and the first thing I read was the quote by Emmanuel. It’s taken a long time to truly receive Gods love and to connect to my own divine will, but today as I pack for an overnight stay at St Julians in Norwich I am reminded of those words as constant synchronicities are leading me towards Grace. …….


Chocolate, Cannabis or Enlightenment

Chocolate, Cannabis or Enlightenment?


I have mixed feelings about cannabis as I’ve heard success stories on how it has healed people but I’ve also encountered people relying on it for cancer treatment and it’s failed. I have lost a couple of friends through relying on this, so it makes me doubtful. I know of seven people who used it and it was successful for two of them. I recently interviewed a lady who said she has never known it to fail, so I tried it for a week. It made me have panic attacks and I felt dopey during the day, I couldn’t wait to get off of it! Then I spoke to a man who is part of a cancer and cannabis group who was angry that people are relying on this drug to heal cancer, he too had lost friends. So I started researching to see why it works for some and not for others, what I found was something really interesting!

In the 80s Professor Raphael Mechoulam received funding to research cannabis and its effects on the brain. In 1992 scientists found that cannabis would activate receptors in the brain, strangely  THC molecules fitted exactly into these receptors, as if they were made for them. So they knew the body must produce a chemical of some kind that fits into these receptors, a molecule that the THC mimics. After years of research they discovered the molecule which they named anandamide.  They found that this molecule was responsible for a feeling of bliss or enlightenment; it activated higher thinking and good feelings. So they named it anandamide after the Sanskrit word ananda which means joyous bliss.

There have been many experiments with test tubes on CBD and THC and they have found it can destroy cancer cells. People are able to heal a multitude of ailments with cannaboids. BUT our own cells must be able to do this without taking the drugs by inducing the state of bliss and enlightenment. Since being diagnosed with cancer I have researched and researched and found juicing and high dose vitamin C is definitely a must but the key thing that boosts that healing is either faith, meditation or prayer. I truly believe it’s that feeling of divine connection that is healing people, which would explain the reason why all the people healing cancer with alternative methods have had “miraculous” recoveries. Science can now explain why this happens with the anandamine molecule alongside other molecules such as oxytocin known as the love molecule and serotonin and endorphins, all of these feel good molecules are activated through either exercise, spiritual bliss, chocolate or cannabis.

Chocolate has the molecule anandamide and serotonin within it and it can produce that feeling of bliss! Raw chocolate is full anandamine which would explain why people crave it! So if you are like me and THC gives you a paranoid, panic attack feeling then it won’t have benefits, if it makes you feel good it will!So meditation and chocolate is a healthier way to activate this molecule and could have even better effects than cannabis. Keeping that feeling of bliss is hard but if you know it’s going to cure you then it definitely worth practicing!

Deane Alban (a health specialist) says…. Marijuana? Maybe Smoking marijuana might seem the logical choice for experiencing more bliss, since THC obviously binds to the same receptors as anandamide. But is smoking pot to relieve anxiety, increase happiness, or improve memory loss the right move for everyone? Probably not. When anandamide binds to the cannabinoid receptor, it has a calming, anti-anxiety effect in most people, but about 30 percent of the population responds differently. There’s a naturally occurring enzyme called FAAH that deactivates anandamide. Some people have a genetic tendency to have less FAAH, which means their brains naturally have more anandamide. These people tend to be less anxious in general and, interestingly, less inclined to like marijuana. According to Dr. Richard A. Friedman, professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, those with the variant FAAH gene experience a decrease in happiness when they smoke marijuana. His take is that when you naturally have more anandamide, you have less use for marijuana. Dr. Friedman, an expert in the neurobiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, has also found that marijuana can be counterproductive for those with anxiety. “Psychotropic medications, therapy and relaxation techniques don’t help everyone, so what’s wrong with using marijuana to treat anxiety? The problem is that cannabis swamps and overpowers the brain’s cannabinoid system, and there is evidence that chronic use may not just relieve anxiety but interfere with learning and memory,” he states in a New York Times article. Anandamide is a relatively recent discovery and there is still much to learn about how it affects the brain and mood in both healthy people and those with mental or brain disorders. But there is certainly no downside to exercising, spending time in “the zone,” and eating a little chocolate.

Deane Alban writes about anandamide being produced naturally when exercising and when you’re in the zone, which means living in the now, like when you play sports or go for a walk in nature, it’s that sense of wellbeing that initiates the ananadamide molecule.

Happiness really does heal no matter what method you choose ❤



Who are you?

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You have over 50 trillion cells in your body, ever multiplying and dying and creating new cells, ever transforming.

Every cell has a consciousness

Your cells work day and night to keep you alive. Your cells react to your heart beat, brain wave messages and emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, happiness, joy and love. You constantly send signals to your cells with every thought and every heart beat.

You have the magic of life within you

Life cannot be explained by science or religion, life is a phenomenal force of energy that exists within everything. Even stones are made up of tiny crystals that have grown from nature’s life force.

Physicists say we are made of 40% stardust

NASA tells us that that the abundance of elements in our body creates the building blocks of life and is also found in the stars of the Milky Way.

You are part of the universe and the universe is part of you.

When you look at an atom and its electrons and protons circulating around the nucleus in the centre, it looks like our milky way with the planets and stars circulating around the sun.

You really are so much more than you think!

Loving who you are is to love your physical body and respect the life-force that is within you. We have a universe inside of us that is made of 7 billion billion billion atoms. Scientists say we have more atoms in our bodies than there are stars in the observational universe (one billion trillion) our atoms are constantly moving and changing form, constantly healing us and helping us function with no help from our conscious mind. We are not only connected to our inner universe we are connected to this large expansive outer universe that creates life, ever changing and transforming. Life is truly miraculous in how it all works; every part of our body is a living miracle! But the thing that is truly magical is that when you heal and love your inner world it starts to reflect in your outer world too.

Loving your body always starts with your breath, breathing deeply and peacefully, deep breaths send signals to your body that everything is ok, everything is good. When your breathing is shallow, your heart is affected and this has a knock on effect to the whole of your body, shallow breathing can create panic, stress, worry and anxiety. Fear and anger in the heart will send signals to your body of threat and alarm. Re-connecting to your body helps you re-member who you truly are.

How do we forget who we truly are?

Sometimes we keep playing the same movie over and over again and our reactions are the same as when we were children, it’s like a soldier still fighting when the war has stopped. We react to situations from our past, thinking the outcome will be the same but we are not seeing it as the truth or living in the now. We may have been told that we were a certain character, but this would have just been a judgement from another person, so if we take it on board as a truth it becomes us, but in truth it isn’t us.

Core beliefs are not easy to identify and they only surface in difficult situations or in meditation when the conscious mind is no longer in control. When our conscious mind becomes quiet we can then discover what’s really going on within us. This is important because our subconscious mind governs our life, this is the place where we hold onto beliefs and perceptions that may have come from old wounds, or from other people’s beliefs that we have taken on board.

We can also lose ourselves trying to fit in, so we become a person that we think other people will like, or we may try to be like another person. But we are all individual and our individuality determines who we are .A rose does not look at a sunflower and say I wish I was a sunflower. A rose is a rose and each rose is individual and when we observe this flower we can see the beauty in each of them and further more each individual petal of a rose. The same applies to each of us; we are all unique and have unique talents that only we can put into the world. The secret to happiness and fulfilment is to just be who we are.

So our mind and nervous system works to protect us and it does so in many ways. We all have different defence systems, some people have to be right because they feel if they are wrong it will make them a bad person, so they have to make sure everything is right and then they feel they are good and safe. Some people escape, if conflict faces them they walk away and if too much stress comes into their life they will escape into watching TV or playing games, or drinking etc Some people have to play the victim and the poor me card, this is the only way they feel they will get love or attention. Some people push others away if they get too close. There are many different defence characteristics that can be defined both psychologically and energetically and these defence systems have a knock on effect to our physical and mental wellbeing.

So the best place to be on all levels of your being is a heart centred place with a balanced mind set, where thoughts are in the now and connected to nature and all that is. This is the perfect place, and some people experience that daily and others have never experienced it. Psychologically and energetically this heart centred place is within us every minute of every day, it’s who we are, it’s the place where we find our individual truth. Most of us waver from feeling good to feeling bad every day and most of us let outside influences deter how we feel and we unknowingly play the blame game and victim role. This is a level of consciousness that we can heal and then go on to master a higher level of consciousness. This higher level has been reached by many philosophers, business people, billionaires, holy figures, authors, teachers and the list goes on. This higher consciousness has been reached by millions of people and each one of them has inspired others through their individual teachings or writings. Some people just live in this consciousness and enjoy life and everything it has to offer! I am sure there are many of you reading this that have experienced this higher consciousness and can live it 50- 60% of the time. I probably would define myself as one of those people. If you too are one of those people then you will know that meditation and inner work has to become a daily practice and the rewards for this daily practice are miraculous. If you have experienced miracles and universal love then you are probably experiencing moments of complete joy, wonderment, tranquillity, inner peace and contentment. It’s a great place to be in and truly magical.

Dr Michael Beckwith teaches life visioning and talks about 4 levels of consciousness; Level 1 – victim, blame and gossip consciousness

Level 2 – Manifest consciousness

Level 3 – Channelling individual essence

Level 4 – I am and being consciousness.

He says that in each part of our lives we can be at different levels of consciousness. So for example spiritually you may be at level 4 but in relationships you may be at level one. Or you may experience oneness in relationships but with money you are still at level one. This really resonates with me and I can identify each of these levels to different parts of my own life.

What I have discovered recently is that bringing your thoughts back into the now and bringing your energy fully into your body and loving every part of you has a tremendous healing effect. I used to teach and write self development books, but I was missing something and that something was to love me and bring energy into me and connect to my inner wisdom.  It’s in the being and the doing of self love, inner work and living in the now that really transforms your life. The true and vital key is to know that you are part of the universe and the universe is part of you and the vibration of love creates a field of miracles and good living.

Try this exercise to momentarily feel that higher consciousness and to feel your true individual essence. It will take just 5 minutes. Notice how your ego mind will fight with you as you start to relax, it will tell you, you haven’t got time, it will tell you you’ve got too much to do, and it will tell you that it’s not worth it. There are many books written by some great philosophers who talk about re-training the mind and taking control of it. If we let the ego thoughts control us we will not be able to access the higher consciousness. It’s something that has to be worked on daily and the rewards are good. We have to learn how to quiet the ego mind. The ego mind likes to tell us that we are not good enough, or we are too good for this etc this is how we recognise the ego, it will always measure you against everyone else. Whereas the higher mind recognises you as an individual and no one is better or worse than you.

So try this exercise and observe your ego as you start to connect to your higher mind, your ego may even try to cut corners.  Listen and observe your thoughts but don’t let them control you. Just quiet the mind.

  1. Slow the breath and inhale all the way in and exhale all the way out. Do this 10 times, close your eyes. Feel that inner peace. Stay focused and be aware of what your mind says, try to quiet the thoughts and just relax into peace.
  2. Now concentrate on your heart and visualise light pouring into your heat as you breathe in. Do another 10 breaths. You may start to feel warm or a tingling, your hands may get hot. This is chi energy starting to flow through you.
  3. Now just say higher consciousnesses connect with me now and take 10 more deep breaths and observe your feelings and thoughts. Really feel the peace and softness in each breath. In this state it is good to ask questions about your life because it has no ego or emotional drama attached to it.


Now if you didn’t experience anything try the exercise again, starting from number 1. You will feel more at peace with yourself and the world after just the first three steps. If you felt tired, like you needed to sleep, it’s a sign that you need to sleep and rest more, we often stay awake because of addictions or got to dos but our bodies and brain need to rest and recuperate. If you really feel you connected to something then go on to the next steps.

  1. Take 10 more deep and peaceful breaths and really feel that peace and connection within you. Picture the highest vision for your life, think about things you would love to do and feel it in your body.
  2. Now be aware of any feelings attached to this vision. What do you feel and where do you feel it? If it’s a good feeling expand the feeling, if it’s bad, explore where this bad feeling is coming from.
  3. Now open your eyes bring your energy down into your feet, and just sit for a while, have a glass of water. Connect to that vision before you go to sleep every night.

Please let me know what you experience.

So I will finish where I started to complete the circle of transformation.

You have over 50 trillion cells in your body, forever multiplying and dying and creating new cells.

Every cell has a consciousness

You have the magic of life within you

Physicists say we are made of 40% stardust

You are part of the universe

You are so much more than you think!

Love You! Really Love You! There’s no one else like you!

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The Phoenix



The phoenix

All hope is gone and you feel empty and numb

The darkness enfolds you, what will you become?

All is lost and you can see no way out

The ashes lay lifeless and you question what life is about


The phoenix turns ashes into fire

Something inside awakens and begins to transpire

There is a light within us that wants to rise

Something so powerful, it will reach for the skies


The phoenix exists within us all

The power of the phoenix gives us strength to stand tall

When you find the light and fire within

You will find your truth and then your life will truly begin

Vanessa Carter 1st March 2016


Awakening to who you are

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Its time to listen to your body!

In my twenties I became very spiritual. I meditated and I healed others, it seemed natural and easy. I became a Reiki Master and I studied the human energy field. I thought I knew everything! I constantly got thank you letters from people telling me I had changed their lives, I felt wise and knowledgeable.  BUT I couldn’t understand why my day to day life wasn’t operating very well. I earned very little money, my relationships were awful and most of the time abusive. Things went from bad to worse in my personal life and I lost who I was.

Last year I went on an amazing journey of self discovery and healing when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was on a mission to heal myself on every level. So I would like to briefly share my healing journey with you and the reason why I’m sharing it is because I hope it will influence your perceptions and  your life in a positive way. How can we beat cancer? By preventing it! And hopefully my journey will help prevent this from happening to more people. If one person takes this message on board and transforms their life then I will be happy and it will be mission accomplished. I hope that person is you.

Firstly I have discovered that there is an energy that is unexplainable that is filled with love and supports you; most of us call this energy God or universal energy. Whatever you choose to name it, I know for sure is it exists. I came face to face with this energy whilst on my cancer journey. It happened about two weeks after the initial shock and screaming out why why why?  Why me? How could this be happening to ME!?!. I walked my dog and suddenly I could see all the colours around me, I could see the beauty within everything. The only thought that entered my head was “life is so beautiful and miraculous” So there I was not knowing if I was going to live or die but what I knew for sure was that I wanted to LIVE! This world and my life is awesome! And it was only a few months ago when I was complaining about my life and how rubbish it was! Oh if only I could go back in time and be cancer free and live that life again knowing what I know now. What a blessing it would be to be cancer free!

Many people have an awakening in a time of shock. Neal Donald Walsch was homeless, divorced and had lost his job when he shouted out “Why” to God and then started writing a book with the answer to that very question! Ekhart Toll was in deep depression when he had an enlightening moment, Byron Katie was lying on the floor after years of alcoholism and depression when she awakened, and the list goes on. It seems at a moment of trauma an awakening happens. Why?  It is the only time when we switch our mind off. We get to a place where worry and thoughts are no longer important and it usually happens in a near to death situation. During the darkest times is when an awakening happens, our thoughts are no longer drowning out our true selves and we can finally hear our souls calling and see the truth.

So miracles started to happen one by one as I opened up to life and its unfolding beauty. Books were appearing and falling off the shelves for me to read and there was life changing synchronicities. My world started to expand and I started travelling to new places and meeting new people. One of the people who turned up in my life was a qi gong master who taught me to breathe, really breathe and bring my energy back into me. This was an amazing pinnacle in my life! I realised how I didn’t love myself. I started to send loving energy to every organ of my body and bring my energy fully back “home” back into my body, not scattered around, not in stressful situations, or in emotional dramas. My energy was peacefully and fully resting within my body and it felt powerful and uplifting! I felt like my energy was huge! I realised how my body had been trying to communicate with me for years but I refused to listen. I had a few accidents in the run up to my diagnosis, I fell down the stairs and broke my nose and twisted my neck and landed on my right arm which I couldn’t use for a week, a couple of months before I had fell over at work and sprained my right arm; I couldn’t understand why I kept hurting my right arm. Now I know it was my body calling out for help, calling out for attention and love because I was neglecting it. If someone was tapping you on the shoulder would you take a pain killer to stop the pain? Would you have your arm removed? No! You would ask why the person is tapping you on the shoulder. The same happens when you have a pain, your body is trying to talk to you. For example if you are in a stressful job and you are constantly on the go and in hyper mode, your body will say “stop you need to rest” so you may get palpitations, pains in the chest, anxiety or pains in the back of the neck and shoulders. This is your body saying please stop and give me some love.

So when you start to send different parts of your body love, you realise that you are the creator of your inner universe and how you feel inwardly will also reflect in your outside world. If you feel worthless or insecure you will attract people and situations to confirm this. Also when you start to send love to different parts of your body it’s good to be consciously aware of how you feel about these parts. Sometimes women send hate, disgust or negative energy to certain parts of their body, like breasts, thighs, bottom, legs, face etc. This is felt by your body and this is how disease starts.

So Remember and tell yourself every day YOU ARE A MIRACLE.  YOU ARE ALIVE.  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. You have the beauty of life all around you. YOU ARE 100% BEAUTIFUL you are a blessing from the universe and it made you perfectly. Also as you start to love yourself more, the universe loves you more and other people love you more too. You will find that old energy and friends disappear from your life and new positive friends start being attracted to you.

When you start to bring your energy back to your body and loving your body and realise you are unique and a divine expression of the universe and that you have a unique purpose in this life, that’s when higher emotions transform the lower emotions.

At last I get it! You really don’t have to try too hard in life because everything is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and you are the creator of your life. It goes like this …. A mindset attached to an emotion and then onto action becomes creation. So a negative thought attached to an emotion becomes a reaction, the reaction will have a ripple effect and create a field of negativity.  A positive thought with a positive emotion, followed through with action creates something wonderful. It’s your choice what you think and feel and create. In quantum physics we learn two things can be in the same place and exist at the same time. There are many parts of you and it’s your choice which parts you awaken.

Always remember what a miracle you are. You are made up of trillions upon trillions of atoms and they all respond to their creator and work for their creator which is you. It’s all within you! And big changes happen when you start loving and listening to your body.