I Will Rise

I will rise so high you will not recognise me

I will rise up and shine so gloriously

Like a shooting star in the night

My dreams and purpose start to take flight


You thought I was crushed failed and down

But now all you can see is my shining crown

Because I am the queen of my destiny

Now I’m living the best in me


I will rise up to my full potential

Respecting me is my best credential

I have the power within me to rise

And now its time to reach for the skies



This is me

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I know Im not perfect and imperfections can be seen

But I want to live my purpose and I want to live my dream

My heart has scars and its been broken in two

You see my wound is where the light will always shine through


My very essence wants to bloom and shine

I want to be me, just give me time

My vulnerability hides behind a mask

Showing a smile can sometimes be a hard task


I want you to know me and all of my dimensions

I want you to see me but be aware of your intentions

Because when someone shows you who they truly are

Every judgement can create a scar


I lie awake at night with thoughts running through my head

Should I be courageous and be me or “fit in” instead

I know I have to be strong and show my vulnerability

So I can finally shout from the rooftops “This is me”


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Hope is the white feather that falls in front of your eyes

Hope is the truth amongst a thousand lies

Hope is the sun peeping out from the clouds

Hope is the one who stands out from the crowds

Hope is the sunlight on a rainy day

Hope are the words of love when theres nothing more to say

Hope is the dream that enlightens the depression

Hope is the broken heart that still loves without question

Hope is standing up when you were told you would fall

Hope is the survivor who has been through it all

Hope is the broken wing that can now fly high

Hope is knowing that this isn’t the last goodbye