An uplifting formula


formula 1Rhodiola  + raw chocolate + green tea + fresh air & natural light = Enhanced good feelings

Rhodiola is a remarkable herb that can fight depression, enhance immunity and strengthen the nervous system. It has been a treatment in traditional medicine for many centuries for anxiety and stress and found to be good for brain function, focus , clarity and an energy booster.  I find it instantly uplifts me when I start to feel down. You know those times when everything seems to be going wrong and your thoughts start thinking negatively, or sometimes you just feel low like a dark cloud is above your head. Well this is the time to take this formula, it lightens the darkness and lifts the lows. I sit down with a cup of green tea and take a couple of Rholdiola and eat some raw chocolate. I take a few deep breathes and relax for a moment and sometimes I go for a walk, thats all I need and the dark clouds over my head disperse as quickly as they came. Sometimes a dark cloud or a bad day can bring us down or sometimes medical problems or medications can have a negative effect. If we keep control of the dark times and the lows as soon as we feel it, it can help uplift us and focus on the good things in life. Its ok to feel emotion and have down days, it all part of our human experience, don’t feel bad that you’re not as up beat as normal, you are not a robot, but always take time out for yourself and most of all find your joy. If taking time out means a cup of tea and eating some raw chocolate then savour the moment, feeling content or love everyday is good for your health so have a self love moment every day.

Rhodiola is an amazing uplifting herb, it has been used in Scandanavia and Russia for centuries to combat  the stressful life style and to help cope with the harsh weather conditions and it also gives a strong resistance to high altitude sickness.  In Chinese medicine rhodiola is used to give strength and stamina and reduce stress.

So why is Rhodiola such a successful herb? Well in recent studies it has shown that it enhances dopamine and serotonin therefore activating the feel good chemicals in your brain.


Dopamine is a receptor found in the brain and central nervous system, it stimulates movement, control and motivation. The feelings that you experience when dopamine is high is that of satisfaction, accomplishment and feelings of clarity and happiness.

Seratonin – Serotonin is a neuro transmitter found in the gut, nervous system and brain. It plays a significant role in mood and behaviour, sleep patterns and appetite.  A lack of serotonin can lead to depression and aggression. Lots of serotonin in your blood makes you feel good, happy and content, it gives a feeling of security with no worries enhancing the feelings of  happiness and fulfilment.

Here are some extracts from the public medical journal  about serotonin;

For the last 4 decades, the question of how to manipulate the serotonergic system with drugs has been an important area of research in biological psychiatry, and this research has led to advances in the treatment of depression. Research on the association between various polymorphisms and depression supports the idea that serotonin plays a role, not only in the treatment of depression but also in susceptibility to depression and suicide”

Several studies have shown that higher serotonin levels in a persons blood enhances a good mood, whereas a lower serotonin levels instigated low, negative moods. The importance of feeling good has an enormous effect on our health and well being.

Dr Simon Young a professor of psychology writes this;

“Another reason for pursuing nonpharmacologic methods of increasing serotonin arises from the increasing recognition that happiness and well-being are important, both as factors protecting against mental and physical disorders and in their own right.12–14Conversely, negative moods are associated with negative outcomes. For example, the negative mood hostility is a risk factor for many disorders. For the sake of brevity, hostility is discussed here mainly in relation to one of the biggest sources of mortality, coronary heart disease (CHD). A meta-analysis of 45 studies demonstrated that hostility is a risk factor for CHD and for all-cause mortality.15 More recent research confirms this. Hostility is associated not only with the development of CHD but also with poorer survival in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients.16 Hostility may lead to decreased social support and social isolation,17 and low perceived social support is associated with greater mortality in those with CAD.18  The importance of feeling good has an enormous effect on our health and well being.”

Natural light and fresh air also stimulates serotonin and so does raw chocolate.

Research conducted by Professor Mary Engler at the University of California on chocolate;   “dark chocolate has several health benefits. This type of chocolate contains flavonols, which are naturally occurring chemicals that increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. This promotes better blood flow and relaxation of the arteries. In addition, the relaxed feeling that occurs after eating a piece of dark chocolate was found to occur because dark chocolate can raise serotonin levels in the brain. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and slow the destruction of cells.”

Chocolate contains a lot of feel good chemicals not only does it contain serotonin it also contains anadamide which is nick named the bliss molecule and dopamine. Raw chocolate holds a lot of benefits to people who suffer from stress or anxiety and it works wonders when eaten with green tea.

Green Tea:  Green tea is not only filled with an abundance of anti-oxidants it also is full of amino acids. One such amino acid is L-theanine. L-theanine supplements are nick named “chill pills” because it enhances relaxation and calm, so its perfect for anxiety. As it calms it is also good for high blood pressure and can help prevent heart disease. Its also very good for the brain and brings clarity and a clear head, so excellent for “brain fog”.

All these elements when brought together on a daily basis can promote health and wellbeing and a happier life. We are the masters of our bodies, our cells are forever reacting to our thoughts and emotions, so when we consciously send good, happy, loving signals to our body we can heal our lives.

There are more formulas for healing moods such as fear, worry , anxiety and stress. All of them will be available in my new book which is out soon ❤

I will also be running workshops.



Fall in love with yourself

201211-orig-deepak-chopra9-949x534When I started on my spiritual path 25 years ago, I studied for many years in several holistic therapies and taught meditation and I felt I knew everything. Despite of this knowledge and understanding I realise now I hadn’t fully awakened to the things I was teaching, my spiritual life and my everyday life were separate and I couldn’t figure out how to connect the two of them. My relationships never worked and I attracted abusive alcoholics and I couldn’t understand why. I spent 7 years away from men and concentrated on teaching and my spiritual life but as soon as a man came back into my life they would pull me away from my truth. In the end I gave up and went back to trying to fit in and I started drinking and smoking more and more, my relationship with an alcoholic had broken me and the constant emotional turmoil was putting a strain on me.

Then the dreaded diagnosis came 2 years ago. I cannot even begin to explain the emotions, the fear and the immense anxiety and depression a cancer diagnosis puts on a person. On the day I was diagnosed I gave up smoking, drinking, and sugar and became a vegan. I immediately went back into my true self with good nutrition and daily meditation. The journey I have been on has been truly enlightening. Finally I awakened to LOVE true immeasurable love, the true love of my life! That love came from me to myself and I discovered that love is not only personal it’s transpersonal. Love allows you to be who you are with no judgement. The judgement is what had stopped me from truly awakening, my own judgement of myself, my own inner voice of criticism and also the judgement of God, how I perceived God/the universe had an enormous effect on my consciousness.

I actually found my core wound and went deep within it and found that I hated myself. When I worked with a Qigong master I learnt the healing breath and breathed slowly into my tan tien, he called this central energy force “home” bringing my energy back into me, back home. I was fully aware of how I constantly escaped from myself, escaped from feelings by either comfort food, television, social media. All of this was an escape route away from me, instead of having all my energy in my head on worries and fear I started to put my energy back into my body. Then I sent love to all my organs. Deep breaths moved my rib cage back and forth and as I breathed slowly and deeply it felt like my inner organs were being massaged by this gentle rocking of the rib cage. I sent love to every part of my body and I realised I had been sending the energy of hate to my sexual organs because of the abuse I had learned to hate myself and think parts of my body were ugly.

Every cell in our body has a consciousness and listens to our thoughts, we are the God of our own bodies and when we have negative feelings towards ourselves, our bodies react and disease can start to take place. When we are over run with stress and negative emotions our bodies respond and go into full alert. Peace and love brings balance to our bodies, researchers are now finding different chemicals that are activated when we feel love or connected to ourselves, others and the world, these chemicals have a healing effect on our body. Our emotions and state of mind are vital for our health and wellbeing.

Take a moment every day to slow your breath and send love to all of your organs and every part of your body, this will really transform your life and will awaken you to love. There is also a transpersonal love that most of us call God/ the universe or life itself, I’ve felt this transpersonal love and when you truly open up to this you rest in Grace. I never knew what Grace meant until I felt the transpersonal love that is all around us and within us. Everyone is connected to this love and can experience it. All you have to do is slow your breath and feel love all around you, people will feel this in different ways. A lot of people feel it as a loved one who has passed, this is because everyone and everything is part of an eternal loving presence, and so your loved ones are part of you and will be with you for eternity. All spirit/God/the universe wants is for you to open up to this love and you can do this at any time, just quiet your mind and allow the energy to touch you.

Fall in love with yourself; feel loving energy around you and you will be able to lean back into the flow of Grace which will lead you to purpose and connection to yourself, others and the world.

Fall in love with your uniqueness that makes you you.