Chocolate, Cannabis or Enlightenment

Chocolate, Cannabis or Enlightenment?


I have mixed feelings about cannabis as I’ve heard success stories on how it has healed people but I’ve also encountered people relying on it for cancer treatment and it’s failed. I have lost a couple of friends through relying on this, so it makes me doubtful. I know of seven people who used it and it was successful for two of them. I recently interviewed a lady who said she has never known it to fail, so I tried it for a week. It made me have panic attacks and I felt dopey during the day, I couldn’t wait to get off of it! Then I spoke to a man who is part of a cancer and cannabis group who was angry that people are relying on this drug to heal cancer, he too had lost friends. So I started researching to see why it works for some and not for others, what I found was something really interesting!

In the 80s Professor Raphael Mechoulam received funding to research cannabis and its effects on the brain. In 1992 scientists found that cannabis would activate receptors in the brain, strangely  THC molecules fitted exactly into these receptors, as if they were made for them. So they knew the body must produce a chemical of some kind that fits into these receptors, a molecule that the THC mimics. After years of research they discovered the molecule which they named anandamide.  They found that this molecule was responsible for a feeling of bliss or enlightenment; it activated higher thinking and good feelings. So they named it anandamide after the Sanskrit word ananda which means joyous bliss.

There have been many experiments with test tubes on CBD and THC and they have found it can destroy cancer cells. People are able to heal a multitude of ailments with cannaboids. BUT our own cells must be able to do this without taking the drugs by inducing the state of bliss and enlightenment. Since being diagnosed with cancer I have researched and researched and found juicing and high dose vitamin C is definitely a must but the key thing that boosts that healing is either faith, meditation or prayer. I truly believe it’s that feeling of divine connection that is healing people, which would explain the reason why all the people healing cancer with alternative methods have had “miraculous” recoveries. Science can now explain why this happens with the anandamine molecule alongside other molecules such as oxytocin known as the love molecule and serotonin and endorphins, all of these feel good molecules are activated through either exercise, spiritual bliss, chocolate or cannabis.

Chocolate has the molecule anandamide and serotonin within it and it can produce that feeling of bliss! Raw chocolate is full anandamine which would explain why people crave it! So if you are like me and THC gives you a paranoid, panic attack feeling then it won’t have benefits, if it makes you feel good it will!So meditation and chocolate is a healthier way to activate this molecule and could have even better effects than cannabis. Keeping that feeling of bliss is hard but if you know it’s going to cure you then it definitely worth practicing!

Deane Alban (a health specialist) says…. Marijuana? Maybe Smoking marijuana might seem the logical choice for experiencing more bliss, since THC obviously binds to the same receptors as anandamide. But is smoking pot to relieve anxiety, increase happiness, or improve memory loss the right move for everyone? Probably not. When anandamide binds to the cannabinoid receptor, it has a calming, anti-anxiety effect in most people, but about 30 percent of the population responds differently. There’s a naturally occurring enzyme called FAAH that deactivates anandamide. Some people have a genetic tendency to have less FAAH, which means their brains naturally have more anandamide. These people tend to be less anxious in general and, interestingly, less inclined to like marijuana. According to Dr. Richard A. Friedman, professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, those with the variant FAAH gene experience a decrease in happiness when they smoke marijuana. His take is that when you naturally have more anandamide, you have less use for marijuana. Dr. Friedman, an expert in the neurobiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, has also found that marijuana can be counterproductive for those with anxiety. “Psychotropic medications, therapy and relaxation techniques don’t help everyone, so what’s wrong with using marijuana to treat anxiety? The problem is that cannabis swamps and overpowers the brain’s cannabinoid system, and there is evidence that chronic use may not just relieve anxiety but interfere with learning and memory,” he states in a New York Times article. Anandamide is a relatively recent discovery and there is still much to learn about how it affects the brain and mood in both healthy people and those with mental or brain disorders. But there is certainly no downside to exercising, spending time in “the zone,” and eating a little chocolate.

Deane Alban writes about anandamide being produced naturally when exercising and when you’re in the zone, which means living in the now, like when you play sports or go for a walk in nature, it’s that sense of wellbeing that initiates the ananadamide molecule.

Happiness really does heal no matter what method you choose ❤




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Hope is the white feather that falls in front of your eyes

Hope is the truth amongst a thousand lies

Hope is the sun peeping out from the clouds

Hope is the one who stands out from the crowds

Hope is the sunlight on a rainy day

Hope are the words of love when theres nothing more to say

Hope is the dream that enlightens the depression

Hope is the broken heart that still loves without question

Hope is standing up when you were told you would fall

Hope is the survivor who has been through it all

Hope is the broken wing that can now fly high

Hope is knowing that this isn’t the last goodbye