Awakening to who you are

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Its time to listen to your body!

In my twenties I became very spiritual. I meditated and I healed others, it seemed natural and easy. I became a Reiki Master and I studied the human energy field. I thought I knew everything! I constantly got thank you letters from people telling me I had changed their lives, I felt wise and knowledgeable.  BUT I couldn’t understand why my day to day life wasn’t operating very well. I earned very little money, my relationships were awful and most of the time abusive. Things went from bad to worse in my personal life and I lost who I was.

Last year I went on an amazing journey of self discovery and healing when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was on a mission to heal myself on every level. So I would like to briefly share my healing journey with you and the reason why I’m sharing it is because I hope it will influence your perceptions and  your life in a positive way. How can we beat cancer? By preventing it! And hopefully my journey will help prevent this from happening to more people. If one person takes this message on board and transforms their life then I will be happy and it will be mission accomplished. I hope that person is you.

Firstly I have discovered that there is an energy that is unexplainable that is filled with love and supports you; most of us call this energy God or universal energy. Whatever you choose to name it, I know for sure is it exists. I came face to face with this energy whilst on my cancer journey. It happened about two weeks after the initial shock and screaming out why why why?  Why me? How could this be happening to ME!?!. I walked my dog and suddenly I could see all the colours around me, I could see the beauty within everything. The only thought that entered my head was “life is so beautiful and miraculous” So there I was not knowing if I was going to live or die but what I knew for sure was that I wanted to LIVE! This world and my life is awesome! And it was only a few months ago when I was complaining about my life and how rubbish it was! Oh if only I could go back in time and be cancer free and live that life again knowing what I know now. What a blessing it would be to be cancer free!

Many people have an awakening in a time of shock. Neal Donald Walsch was homeless, divorced and had lost his job when he shouted out “Why” to God and then started writing a book with the answer to that very question! Ekhart Toll was in deep depression when he had an enlightening moment, Byron Katie was lying on the floor after years of alcoholism and depression when she awakened, and the list goes on. It seems at a moment of trauma an awakening happens. Why?  It is the only time when we switch our mind off. We get to a place where worry and thoughts are no longer important and it usually happens in a near to death situation. During the darkest times is when an awakening happens, our thoughts are no longer drowning out our true selves and we can finally hear our souls calling and see the truth.

So miracles started to happen one by one as I opened up to life and its unfolding beauty. Books were appearing and falling off the shelves for me to read and there was life changing synchronicities. My world started to expand and I started travelling to new places and meeting new people. One of the people who turned up in my life was a qi gong master who taught me to breathe, really breathe and bring my energy back into me. This was an amazing pinnacle in my life! I realised how I didn’t love myself. I started to send loving energy to every organ of my body and bring my energy fully back “home” back into my body, not scattered around, not in stressful situations, or in emotional dramas. My energy was peacefully and fully resting within my body and it felt powerful and uplifting! I felt like my energy was huge! I realised how my body had been trying to communicate with me for years but I refused to listen. I had a few accidents in the run up to my diagnosis, I fell down the stairs and broke my nose and twisted my neck and landed on my right arm which I couldn’t use for a week, a couple of months before I had fell over at work and sprained my right arm; I couldn’t understand why I kept hurting my right arm. Now I know it was my body calling out for help, calling out for attention and love because I was neglecting it. If someone was tapping you on the shoulder would you take a pain killer to stop the pain? Would you have your arm removed? No! You would ask why the person is tapping you on the shoulder. The same happens when you have a pain, your body is trying to talk to you. For example if you are in a stressful job and you are constantly on the go and in hyper mode, your body will say “stop you need to rest” so you may get palpitations, pains in the chest, anxiety or pains in the back of the neck and shoulders. This is your body saying please stop and give me some love.

So when you start to send different parts of your body love, you realise that you are the creator of your inner universe and how you feel inwardly will also reflect in your outside world. If you feel worthless or insecure you will attract people and situations to confirm this. Also when you start to send love to different parts of your body it’s good to be consciously aware of how you feel about these parts. Sometimes women send hate, disgust or negative energy to certain parts of their body, like breasts, thighs, bottom, legs, face etc. This is felt by your body and this is how disease starts.

So Remember and tell yourself every day YOU ARE A MIRACLE.  YOU ARE ALIVE.  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. You have the beauty of life all around you. YOU ARE 100% BEAUTIFUL you are a blessing from the universe and it made you perfectly. Also as you start to love yourself more, the universe loves you more and other people love you more too. You will find that old energy and friends disappear from your life and new positive friends start being attracted to you.

When you start to bring your energy back to your body and loving your body and realise you are unique and a divine expression of the universe and that you have a unique purpose in this life, that’s when higher emotions transform the lower emotions.

At last I get it! You really don’t have to try too hard in life because everything is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and you are the creator of your life. It goes like this …. A mindset attached to an emotion and then onto action becomes creation. So a negative thought attached to an emotion becomes a reaction, the reaction will have a ripple effect and create a field of negativity.  A positive thought with a positive emotion, followed through with action creates something wonderful. It’s your choice what you think and feel and create. In quantum physics we learn two things can be in the same place and exist at the same time. There are many parts of you and it’s your choice which parts you awaken.

Always remember what a miracle you are. You are made up of trillions upon trillions of atoms and they all respond to their creator and work for their creator which is you. It’s all within you! And big changes happen when you start loving and listening to your body.





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