The Mind Project

I was diagnosed with cancer on the 16th December 2015 with a 50mm tumour in the breast and a tumour under the arm pit. I decided to go to the alternative route for healing and avoid chemotherapy. I started a vegan diet, taking turmeric every day, apricot seed kernals and keeping my body alkaline. I had watched the truth about cancer and lots of you tube videos and was under the impression cancer was “easy” to cure! Some videos were making suggestions it could be healed in 2 weeks if your diet was alkaline and sugar free! After 6 weeks nothing had changed so these claims are completely untrue, I suppose what works for some doesn’t work for others, but I can confirm on research that no one has cured cancer in 2 weeks! some people have difficulty curing a cold in that length of time! That video and claim that has done the rounds on Facebook really insults people with cancer who have been fighting for years and are trying everything and anything to cure themselves. Chemotherapy also works for some people too. In conclusion, cancer is an individual journey and some people find a “miracle cure” and some don’t. We are all individuals and heal in our own time.

After 4 months my tumour markers went down a little, so I carried on with the vegan diet but let go of a lot of the strict dieting because it was getting me down! I found that with my cancer being oestrogen positive and her2 positive that information was contradicting and I became scared to eat anything!!! My weight had dramatically dropped and I was starting to look unhealthy! I brought wheat back into my diet. Im not sure if this was a good thing as wheat has oestrogen and after a further four months I received the worst news! My tumour markers had shot up dramatically and the cancer was now stage 4 and in my lymph and bones! I decided to take the conventional route and have medical treatment.

So now after two weeks of panic attacks and depression, Im setting a new task. I had dipped in and out of positive affirmations whilst choosing the alternative route so now Im taking it on 100%. Ive set out a protocol for re-training my mind to health and wellbeing whilst letting go and forgiving my past, I am setting my mind on a healthy and happy future. This will work alongside my medical treatment and my organic vegetarian diet with supplements which includes raw garlic, lots of ginger and lemons, iodine, 3,000mg vit C and 3,000 of vit D and turmeric daily. Im staying away from wheat and sugar but I will eat limited organic dairy products, from goats rather than cows. Im going to try and raise money to have mistletoe therapy and vitamin c infusions to power up my immune system, a strong immune system is the key to beating cancer. I also take Astragulus which is a herb that boosts white blood cells.

Today I am starting my mind protocol, scientists say if you continually train your mind daily to do something after 21 days it becomes reality and part of your life, or a habit can be formed.

Mind Works protocol

Every morning I will listen to a healing meditation followed by the “I am” mantra which for me will be “I am perfectly healthy” “I am ultimate health” “I am in remission” “I am healing” etc I will repeat this out loud for 30 minutes every morning. After a fruit smoothie with wheatgrass and spirulina I will do mirror work for 30 minutes again repeating “I am perfectly healthy” “Life loves me” etc. Then more affirmations as I exercise to activate my meridian lines and align my hara line. I will then go for a walking meditation for an hour. This will take up 3 hours of my morning but Im on a mission!!!!

In the day I will use the mantra nam myoho renge ko which is a Buddhist mantra to bring in divine blessings. I will also use TFT techniques.

My nightly mind routine will be; mirror work, kundalini meditation, I am mantra, healing meditation

I will post my daily experiences! Lets see if this mind reprogramming really works! I remember giving a TEDX talk on the power of the mind so now its time to turn theory into reality. I am giving it my all. The Mind project starts here.




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