If you told me I was cancer free




What if I was told I was cancer free?

If someone told me right now that I was cancer free I would celebrate and be the happiest person in the world. I would set my dreams into motion and live my new life with immense gratitude!

I would thank my cancer for the lessons I have learned. Powerful lessons! And so many of them! My life has changed completely since being diagnosed and if I was cancer free I would carry on my healthy living, being me and going for long walks along the beach. Nothing would change except my inner peace and gratitude for a new lease of life.

I have learnt that being true to yourself and loving and respecting yourself is the most important thing you can do!

The lessons I have lived so far:

1.       Rest and honour every part of me, loving my cells and sending them love and peace daily makes me feel good.

2.       There is an energy full of unconditional love, connecting to this energy is immense!

3.       Everything is a reflection, let go of fear and worry. Our thoughts manifest!

4.       Positive affirmations work! Decluttering the mind is a long process but worth it because it changes your life dramatically.

5.       Forgiving and releasing all my past and bringing joy into my world. Every time I think of a “poor me” moment or regrets from the past I say “I forgive and release all my past, I now fill my world with joy”

6.       Trust my higher self and the universal language of love. Something bigger is at work, it works through us all!

7.       Be true to who I am. We are all unique and Ive found who I am and Im honouring me from this moment on. No more trying to fit in!

8.       Food is medicine.

I have learnt such powerful lessons, I will never loose myself again!


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