Food for thought

9th March

It has now been two weeks since the localised chemo and it totally knocked me out.I felt sick for the first couple of days and then for the next two weeks I laid on my couch with no energy at all, I couldn’t even walk my dog, just taking her round the block left me breathless. My energy levels were really low and today is the first day I’m starting to feel normal again and I have an appetite for lots of food. A steaming hot curry is on the pan cooked with all fresh ingredients, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, tomatoes, onions, red chilli peppers and peppers with organic chicken and brown rice. The smell of the spices and the thought of the goodness that’s within this food makes my mouth water and I sit down and watch a film whilst enjoying my immune boosting curry. It’s raining outside and I feel warm and comforted. This only lasts a moment as I have to pack my case again and go to Devon. I pack slowly and calmly and start to think of my plans for the future, it’s getting quite scary now, what do I do to heal? I try and focus just on the next 30 days, I will concentrate on boosting my immune system and then I will see what happens in April, I haven’t got enough money to go back to professor Vogl at the moment. I start to think how I can make some more money, I need to have one more treatment with Dr Vogl, mistletoe injections and vitamin c injections to really boost my immune system and its vital to have a blood test with Dr Sharma to see what will heal my cancer. Total £8,000 all I can do is try and raise the money. If I don’t… then what? I start imagining the worst outcome, I try and focus on my mission and erase any negativity swimming around in my mind, I can’t let fear overwhelm me. I’m focusing on healing and being perfectly healthy. I visualise this and start saying positive affirmations. In the evening I relax and drink lots of green tea, when I go to bed I listen to hypnotherapy recordings. I have to train my brain and my subconscious that I will become better no matter what.

The next morning, I get ready to leave, my train leaves at 12.17pm. I have to leave my little dog again, this makes me sad, she looks up at me with sad little eyes. I give her loads of kisses before I go. Jasmine went to work early and didn’t even say bye, this saddens me.

On the train I think of the journey I have been through and where I am now, I feel like I haven’t got anywhere fast, with only one treatment under my belt and wasting my money on the Hufeland Klinik which could have been spent on something better ….. I have no money coming in and this concerns me. At the same time, I know I’m being helped and I have to trust! I know I’m being looked after by something larger than my mortal self, something divine and loving.

What I have learnt so far about cancer treatments is;

Chemo: Chemo works for some and not for others. Those that it does work for get extremely ill and it totally depletes the immune system and kills healthy cells. With Dr Vogls work he only treats the cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells intact, the treatments are also 5 times more effective so less treatments are needed. I have met and spoke to many people who underwent chemo and their cancer came back a few years later. An oncologist report has said that chemotherapy is 30% effective. So if it works for 30% of people, what about the other 70%? And having death as a side effect, how can it even be regarded as a successful treatment?

Hyperthermia and localised hyperthermia: This treatment is supposed to be very good it heats cancer tumours to forty degrees and cancer cannot survive in these conditions. Hyperthermia can not be found in the UK so Germany is the only option to receive this treatment.

Mistletoe Injections: I have seen lots of videos and news articles that have said mistletoe injections have cured them and it works exceptionally well alongside chemotherapy by reducing the harsh side effects. Mistletoe boosts the immune system to a high level. Susan Sommers who is an American actress swears by them. So I must give them a try. I have contacted a few clinics in London but consultation plus injections are costly.

Vitamin C injections – This boosts the immune system to a high level and helps fight cancer cells. Again they are available in London but costly (around £150 each)

Gcmaf – I have to research this more, it has been recommended to me by a couple of people and I will write more about it once I have thoroughly researched each treatment.

CBD oil – Cannabis oil alone has not cured anybody that I know of but some people have gone through a gruelling protocol of using the oil and suppositories that have been carefully calculated for their height and body weight and it costs thousands of pounds to do it properly. I spoke to one girl in America who has lung cancer and she said it’s a long process, she said the side effects are fatigue and nausea BUT her tumour has shrunk by half in 4 months and her tumour markers have reduced considerably. Some people have the idea that smoking cannabis has the same effect. It doesn’t! I also know of three other people who tried this healing method alongside chemotherapy and unfortunately died. So there has been a lot of hype over cbd and it does help to calm you down and its very good for anxiety, fear and stress which are all part of the cancer journey. So I recommend the oil to help with these ailments. If you are truly dedicated to the suppositories and months of treatment, I know that people are curing themselves through this process so it might be worthwhile. I would like to research this method more.

Diet: It’s taken a while through trial and error to really find the food that suits me. Food that boosts the immune system and detoxes the body. I’ve still got to master the perfect green smoothie! But apart from that I always eat organic food. I eat loads of fruit and vegetables, broccoli every day for the indole 3 carbinol which has anti-cancernogenic effects and also lowers oestrogen levels. I have green powder that includes chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina and I drink lots of lemon water and green tea. I now take supplements as recommended by the doctor of: Astragulus, Magnesium, I try to have 1,000mg of vitamin c every day, I was advised a very high dosage of vitamin D, selenium, I take hemp oil and flax oil for vitamin E and omega 3 and omega 6. Plus, an antioxidant blend. All these are from the company Viridian or Pukka as all of their products contain no sugar or preservatives or toxic chemicals that the cheap vitamin tablets contain. So I am very strict with my diet but I do still go out with friends and have a coffee and treat myself to soup, a wrap or chips whilst I’m out. I feel a lot better within myself by changing my diet and of course I have NO sugar at all! I don’t eat bread or cereal because they have huge amounts of sugar in them. It’s been a total life style change. I wish I had done it earlier to prevent this cancer from happening in the first place.

So as I think of my future plans to heal, I finally arrive in Devon. This place turns out to be the most healing experience I’ve encountered so far.





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