A Quest for the truth

2016-transformationA Quest for the truth

We must all be prepared for ripples of transformation, nothing ever stays the same. When we feel broken and all is lost, we can rise up from the ashes and go on a quest for the truth. This maybe internally or externally but if we are open to answers we will find them. We will find them in unexpected places and when we take notice of everything around us, the people we meet, the songs we hear and most of all nature, we then start to see the bigger picture. So what is the quest for the truth? It’s a magnificent journey of self-discovery, its changing the way we perceive the world. Our observations and interpretations of the world right now are just a filtered lens based on our personal beliefs. When something rocks our world either positively or negatively it enables us to see beyond our own limitations and beliefs, which then facilitates us to open up to new and different possibilities. Our paths are forever changing and intertwining, weaving in and out of other people’s paths, creating a life journey that is unique to us. Change and transformation is inevitable; change will lead us to our greatest truth or a more open heart, the greatest lesson is to not fear it. Each experience creates our life. Every minute we are creating, every thought and emotion will have a cause and effect. Through the waves of thought and emotion we create life here on earth and life that can only go on by encountering change and transformation.

What I’ve always known and am experiencing to the maximum right at this moment is that your inner world reflects in your outer world. There will be no more blame, guilt or self-sabotage, things have happened and now it’s time to heal the wounds and move forward with love and grace. Healing is a journey of self-discovery that leads you to the truth. It’s the key to transforming your life. Cancer is a horrible life threatening disease but its helped me open my eyes to the true meaning of life and open my heart to the greatest gratitude of life. Seeing and sensing the beauty of the very essence and magic of life within every living thing.


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